Architectural Work  
For fifty years Samil Enterprise has accumulated highly developed technologies required for carrying out extremely intricate constructions of the American Army's Far East facilities, and has become a role model for many companies in this country. By acquiring ISO 9001-international quality certificate, we have enhanced the quality management of our construction, and at present we are applying this to the development of administration and engineering technology.

We believe that Samil Enterprise has the experience and the knowledge necessary to earn your trust and dependence. Our construction of business & commercial buildings, apartments, hospitals,
schools, traditional architectures, and other public facilities display our commitment to our work and our history as a construction company as well. We are knowledgeable of the fact that hospitals and high-rise buildings require special engineering technology, and therefore have been excessively studious in their construction.
Hermes dosan park The head building of
   Minjok highschool
Ilsan munchon Jugong    Apartment

Company Buliding of
   Cambridge co., Kwanyangdong
KT An Sim Branch Office    Building KT Yongsan Branch Office    Building