The world is facing a never ending competition, evolving from the waves of changes through globalization and international competition in the present decade. The construction industry, and other industries, has no alternative but to prepare for the competition for its survival and prosperity.

As an effective way to prepare for the competition, Samil has put forth full effort into a movement called "defect-free execution by pre-examination". By means of precise execution and prudent management, we, here at Samil, are consistently reaching our goal of becoming the most reliable company in the construction industry.

In addition, Samil has introduced a philosophy of "ENGINEERING COSULTING SERVICE" to establish more intimate relationship with clients, therefore allowing us to build more efficient facilities for them at a reasonable client budget. Through this movement and philosophy, Samil is continuously enhancing the quality of execution. We are also making an investment in introducing leading technologies and training innovative manpower to perform the company's role and responsibility more progressively in the future.

We appreciate your endless enthusiasm and sincere encouragement. We promise you that Samil will become the most trustworthy general construction company in the upcoming 21st country.

CEO /  Park, Jong-Woong