We build
The protection of the lives of our employees
and the assets of our customers are our company’s highest ideals. 

Safety and Health System Goals

Safety management for the protection of workers in the site and HQ is our #1 goal.

  1. Strengthening of our health and safety organisation
  2. Risk assessment to monitor ongoing management
  3. Choose construction methods that prioritize safety
  4. Ensure workers have the right to stop work
  5. Health and safety consulting support for suppliers

Safety and Health Statement

Samil Enterprise Co., Ltd. aims to be a top construction firm in safety management with no accidents. We prioritize daily safety awareness and safe practices, while safeguarding all workers from industrial accidents.

Establishing a safety and health system

  1. Strengthen headquarters safety team
    – Appoint a team leader, director (CSO)
  2. “Safety and Health Management Regulations” reorganization
    – January 2022, hire a safety consultant, write the management regulations.
  3. “Serious Accident Punishment Act” – Legal Services Agreement
    -Dongin Law LLC.
Safety Management Rule for Zero-Accident


Establish a safety management system to create a company culture of respect for life and safety.
Aim to achieve zero accidents at all sites.

Awards for excellent safety practices given by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers FED Commander for 3 years in a row.


  1. Daily safety inspection and reporting in compliance with the safety management manual, covering all essential safety checkpoints.
  2. Eliminate imperfections with thorough installation and maintenance of safety equipment.
  3. Conduct daily pre-start safety checks and TBM under the responsibility of the site manager.
  4. Require all workers on site to wear safety gear.
  5. Intensive training for new hires and bi-weekly safety training for all employees.
  6. Create a clean, bright workplace to make a delightful place.

safety management

Headquarters Safety Team Patrol.
Complete daily risk assessment sheets for all sites.
Carry out weekly on-site safety inspections without prior notification.

Safety Rules

Mandatory PPE

Require all workers to wear personal protective equipment

Flamming Equipment Management &
Fire Prevention

Submit a report when conducting any work involving flames:
Assign a supervisor to inspect.
Fire Fighting drill:
once a month

Complete Safety Facilities Installation

Sufficient and complete installation of safety facilities.

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